Creating smiles and happiness from our table

We are a restaurant specializing in Kagoshima's local food, black pork and local chicken.
Among our most popular menus are shabu-shabu black pork hot pot and local chicken sashimi.
We also offer Japanese round herrings, bonito and other local fish.
Ibusuki local gourmet 'Poached egg bowl' is also popular for lunch.
In the evening, it is a shop that can be enjoyed by families such as local beef shochu, local beer,
Enjoy a variety of local spirits including sweet potato shochu, beer and soda pop for a family dinner.
'Satsuma Roppaku black pork from Ibusuki

'Satsuma Roppaku black pork
from Ibusuki
We are using only Roppaku black pork from Ibusuki Tanikado farm, famous for their high-profile quality meat in the home of black pork (Kagoshima).

Local chicken brand 'Satsuma black chicken'

Local chicken brand
'Satsuma black chicken'
It is juicy and tender but also has a dense and rich inosinic acid which contrubutes to the savory taste.

Ibusuki Onsen eel

Ibusuki Onsen
Eel ponds in Ibusuki use gushing natural spring water instead of service water. Eels grown in the spring water have rich flavors thanks to an abundance of minerals.

'Hongare is dried bonito from Yamagawa, Ibusuki

'Hongare is dried bonito
from Yamagawa, Ibusuki
Broth from the first brew of hongare dried bonito, which is known as premium dried bonito, is famous for its' rich aroma and thick savor without undesirable tastes.


Opening hours
11:00 - 15:00 (last order 14:30)
17:30 - 22:00 (last order 21:30)
Close on Wednesdays
1-2-11 Minato Ibusuki shi Kagoshima
postal code 891-045


From Ibusuki station

From Ibusuki station

7min by foot

From Kagoshima Chuo station

From Kagoshima Chuo station

55min by Ibusuki-no-tamatebako train
75min by ordinary train
1 hr 20 min by car

From Kagoshima airport

From Kagoshima airport

1 hr 40 min by car or bus

Nearby tourist spots

Many tourists visit the natural hot spring sand bath and Chiringashima island, which is famous for match making in Ibusuki every year.
Attractive tourist sights.

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